New cooperation with Volz Servos

ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) is proud to present a new cooperating partner for the AtlantikSolar project: Volz Servos, a company leading in actuator manufacturing since 1983 that has been supplying actuators to a significant amount of high-value Unmanned Aerial Vehicle projects. For AtlantikSolar, Volz is supplying its DA-15N-06, an actuator sporting a brushless DC motor, contactless position sensing, IP 67 splashwater protection and EMI/RFI shielding. The AtlantikSolar team has invested significant efforts into finding suitable actuators for the AtlantikSolar UAV (see this report), and the brushless DA-15 series has been running very reliably for more than 30 consecutive days under flight-realistic loads. It is thus the primary actuator that will allow AtlantikSolar to perform continuous long-endurance flights of up to 3 days this summer!