AtlantikSolar at ICARUS Field Trial Week

During field trials organized within the framework of the ICARUS FP7 Project, the ASL team presented the capabilities of the AtlantikSolar platform and collaborated with other ICARUS partners. The videos below present a short summary of our main activities during the field-trials demonstration that took place between 21st to 25th of July 2014, in the CTC UAV Test Site which is located in the Collsuspina area around Barcelona.

Two main goals were achieved during the field trials. The AtlantikSolar Prototype performed its 15th and 16th test flights, on which it performed autonomous waypoint following missions and was equipped with a visual-inertial sensor pod developed for precise localization, mapping, and even victim detection in disaster scenarios. In addition, the first AtlantikSolar series UAV (AS-S1) performed its maiden flight. During three additional flights within the field trials week, all subsystems on AS-S1 were verified and the Autopilot was successfully tuned to allow fully autonomous waypoint following.

We would like to thank our colleagues from ASCAMM for their excellent organization and congratulate them for their results. We also would like to highlight the quality of the CTC test-site, one of the few available in Europe.